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It gives us tremendous pride to be recognized for all of the hard work we do here at Asian American Women’s Association. Explore some of our latest media features below. Do they inspire you to get involved? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


Chicago SHERO for 2024

At the beginning of the new year, set flags with Chicago Shero for our 2024. Make resolutions, chase dreams, move forward courageously, and create endless possibilities together!


Topic for this Chicago offline event: How can women build confidence?

Confidence is a crucial trait for every woman, serving as the foundation for personal growth and success. In real life, we have all experienced or are currently going through moments where confidence is weakened.

How do we regain and maintain confidence? Looking forward to discussing this topic together offline this Saturday afternoon. Let's empower each other!


How can women build confidence?

In the October Chicago Shero offline event, we discussed the topic of how women can establish confidence. Everyone shared their stories, and there seemed to be endless discussions!

Here, we share some points summarized by Shero, hoping to bring some reflection to you.

  • Education and Skill Development

One of the most effective ways to enhance female confidence is through education and skill development. When women possess knowledge and skills, they gain a sense of mastery and capability, thereby boosting their confidence. Educational opportunities should be easily accessible to women from various backgrounds, including formal or informal learning. This includes initiatives promoting financial literacy, entrepreneurial spirit, technical skills, and traditional academic educati


Blossom in strength: SHERO

As time breezes by, we stand in Chicago, ready to embark on a brand-new journey. After thirty, witnesses to life become fewer, yet we can still witness each other. Crossing time, transcending ourselves. At this stage, we scrutinize ourselves with a more mature perspective, facing the world more confidently. Age is not a limitation but a series of growth and self-awareness. We understand life is not about perfect choices but finding our direction in imperfection.

We've dreamt ambitiously, stumbled, but resiliently stood up, like birds soaring through winds and waves. In this moment, our ordinary perseverance crafts our own stories, spreading our wings to fly, and creating echoes. We are willing to share, encourage, and chase dreams together!

As time flows like the wind, we stand in Chicago, ready to embark on a shared journey of remarkable women. This is our moment. Here, we will listen to each other, support one another, share joys, and witness growth. Women, confident through growth, become more beautiful. Chicago Shero Women's Club welcomes you to join us!

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